Jukka Samola appointed as new Managing Director of Exsane Oy

Jukka Samola appointed as new Managing Director of Exsane Oy


Jukka Samola has been appointed as new Managing Director of Exsane Oy as of beginning of July 2019. His predecessor Martti Mäkiranta retires after over 40 years in the electricity network business.

  • I believe that comprehensive services provided by Exsane Oy will successfully serve the needs of electricity network companies. For the past years, electricity network business has focussed on secure supply of electricity, and network companies have put a priority on uninterrupted supply of electricity. Investments in cabling will slightly decrease in the coming years, and the emphasis will shift to the maintenance of current networks, describes Jukka Samola.

Jukka Samola (M.Sc.Eng.) and has worked for Exsane Oy for the past 15 years, most recently as Operations Director of the company.

  • Alongside traditional network building, joint construction projects will keep increasing. In this respect, we aim to be among the developers of the field while always providing flexible and customer-oriented services. Jukka Samola will lead Exsane with a clear vision and ability to meet upcoming challenges. For example, while digitalization and automatization increase, we certainly need more and more top-notch electricity professionals, says Chairman of the Board, Ari Mononen.

Ari Mononen warmly thanks Martti Mäkiranta for his valuable contribution to the company during its years of intensive growth.


Further Information:
Ari Mononen, Chairman
+358 400 803 040


Exsane Oy is part of a family owned Iivari Mononen Group. In 2018, Exsane’s turnover was 9.5 million euros, growing 26 % from the previous year. The company employs over 50 employees and has offices in Porvoo, Pälkäne, Joensuu, Mikkeli and Kuopio. Exsane Oy is the main contractor in a 20-million-euro project of national significance as an optical fibre network is built in the municipality of Pälkäne in central Finland.

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