HR specialist Mikko Kemppainen

HR specialist Mikko Kemppainen

Mikko Kemppainen, a HR specialist at the Iivari Mononen group, comes from the Finnish baseball town Sotkamo.

“In 2007 I played my first games in the top professional league. I played for Sotkamon Jymy for four seasons, for the two last seasons in the basic lineup.”

“I ended up in Joensuu through Finnish baseball about 10 years ago.” he recalls.

Kemppainen played for Joensuun Maila for a long while, until it was time to wrap up and focus on other things in the autumn of 2021.

“It’s always been clear to me that I need to work alongside my athletic career. That kind of career path doesn’t go on forever so it’s good to prepare for life after that.”

Kemppainen holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration.

“I started my studies in Kajaani, but my wife and I moved to Jyväskylä for her studies, where I finished mine too.”

“Our aim is that everyone feels good about coming to work on Monday.”

After his Bachelor studies he briefly worked at a local Osuuskauppa, until an opportunity relevant to his education opened up at Iivari Mononen. “I happened to be at the right place at the right time, and I started in my role in financial management in 2015.”

Kemppainen holds the main responsibility of developing the group’s HR operations and being the main user of the accounts payable software.

The job duties of a HR specialist entail almost anything to do with employment relations from recruitment to skills development and the end of employment. Mikko Kemppainen also looks after well-being at work, employer’s responsibilities and obligations and recruitment of summer workers.

“Our aim is that everyone feels good about coming to work on Monday.”

The staff turnover is small at  Iivari Mononen group. “Long careers tell about commitment to the employer and about the group’s appreciation towards its employees.”

“How we play as a team or a group and how we reach our goals.

Kemppainen’s title within the group is new and contains a lot of new development and learning.

“It actually doesn’t matter whether it’s a baseball team or a work community – the end result interests everyone. How we play as a team or a group and how we reach our goals.”

“We take one day at a time and aim to do the best possible job and develop as we go.” Kemppainen describes his future plans.

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