Juha Pelli has been selected as the marketing manager

Marketing manager Juha pelli

Within 20 years Pelli has worked in several different advertising agencies, export companies (Tulikivi, Blancco), osuuskauppa co-op (PKO) as well as the public sector (Business Joensuu), from which he is moving to his new role.

To Iivari Mononen

“When I noticed Iivari Mononen was looking for a marketing manager, I didn’t hesitate in applying” tells the easy-going Pelli. He was familiar with the company through press and social media, but didn’t know anyone who worked there.

“It’s motivating to get to do international marketing for the Iivari Mononen group. In a company of this size people still know each other and that’s a positive thing. I reckon I get to work with everyone here” Pelli adds.

Lifelong learning

After finishing a Bachelor’s degree in Culture and Arts at the beginning of the 2000s, Pelli has aimed to keep up his professional development by additional training:

“In my first job I was told what courses I should take in the Marketing Institute and they’ve been really beneficial later in my career too” Pelli admits.

“You’re never ready in marketing industry – it’s developing so fast and you need to constantly keep up with the latest trends”.

Technological development has a huge impact on how marketing communication is done these days. “What we were able to do on our own at the beginning of the 2000s, we now aren’t. We need to think about what we should do on our own and what to outsource. If you want to do things right, you must have trust in professionals”.

“In a company of this size, we can’t afford to do things poorly. We rather do them well by using outsourced help where needed” Pelli summarises.

“I don’t feel ashamed of my countryside roots.”


Juha Pelli is from Polvijärvi and still lives there. “I don’t feel ashamed of my countryside roots. It’s nice to live in a small place; children are happy growing up there” tells the father of three elementary school aged children. Volleyball is a dear hobby of Pelli’s and he has acted as a junior coach for several years.

Marketing manager Juha Pelli started at his role 23.5.2022.

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