Iivari Mononen Group continues its steady growth

News release / 24.4.2019

Iivari Mononen Group continues its steady growth

Iivari Mononen Group has published its annual report and final accounts for the year 2018. The company continued its steady growth with its turnover of 59.9 million euros being 6.0 % higher than the previous year.

The CEO of the Group, Ari Mononen, explains the year was characterized by successes and by preparations to the coming changes in the markets.

  • Our greatest success was a result of consistent work in our impregnated timber business. The acquisition of the company Joensuun Höyläyspalvelu and, consequently, an expanded product portfolio, was a welcome boost for the business.

Shortages of labour and subcontractors persisted in the company’s service business – a problem that burdens the whole sector. Generally, network building is increasingly moving towards long-term maintenance works.

  • Uncertainties related to Brexit had an impact on our markets, but despite the challenging situation, our pole business operated by ScanPole gained two major framework contracts in the UK.

ScanPole and its subsidiaries had customers in 21 countries and pole production took place in Finland, Norway and the UK. The turnover of pole business is expected to increase moderately during 2018.

Iivari Mononen group employed 169 staff members which is 19 more than the previous year. Most of the employees, 126, are in Finland.

  • Our biggest unit is still in Höljäkkä, Nurmes, in North Karelia. As a family business from the region, we value this very much, says Ari Mononen.


More information:

CEO Ari Mononen  /  Tel +358 400 803 040
The Annual Report 2018 of Iivari Mononen Group is available here: https://www.iivarimononen.fi/en/our-company/material-bank/

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