2017: A year of growth and success

Iivari Mononen Group resumed its path of growth in 2017. The Group’s turnover was 56.1 million euros and it grew by 8.7% compared to the previous year.

The CEO of the Group, Ari Mononen, is particularly happy about the successfully implemented strategy.

– This was in line with our strategic vision. Exsane Oy succeeded remarkably well in adopting its new service business strategy. The strategic shift from subcontracting to main contracting resulted in a growth of 136% in turnover.

PrimaTimber’s impregnated timber business improved efficiency throughout all operating chains. As a result, the higher quality of operations and products generated operational volume growth.

The pole business operated by ScanPole held a strong position in the UK market and the overall pole business grew steadily. ScanPole and its subsidiaries had customers from 14 countries and pole production took place in Finland, Norway and the UK. The turnover of pole business is expected to increase moderately during 2018.

Iivari Mononen group employed 150 staff members which is 25% more than the previous year.

– Our family business values and committed employees have been our key for success from year to year. I look forward to working with colleagues throughout the Group to build future growth and success, says Ari Mononen.

The Annual Report 2017 of Iivari Mononen Group is available here.

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