Entrepreneur Award of the City of Joensuu to Iivari Mononen Oy

The City Council of Joensuu has awarded the 2023 Entrepreneur Award to Iivari Mononen Oy.

In its award criteria, the City Council emphasized the company’s profitable growth and the search for new business opportunities from the green transition. The City Council also recognized responsible operations and, in particular, the support of sports and an active lifestyle.

The award was presented at the Joensuu Day award ceremony at the Onni Art Museum on Wednesday, November 29. CEO Ari Mononen and Forest Manager Tommi Mononen were there to receive the award.

“Joensuu is a business-friendly city where it is easy to operate. Cooperation with various public entities is straightforward. It is important for the Iivari Mononen Group to increase the attractiveness of the Joensuu region on our part. In this way, we can secure our key competitive factors: skilled staff, functional transport connections, and high-quality and price-competitive raw materials.”, commented CEO Ari Mononen.

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